Get a free Vulnerability Scan (A $1500 Value)

That sounds too good to be true.  It isn’t.  We will do a no obligation vulnerability scan on your network and give you a report at the end.  Why?  Our passion is protecting and servicing the SMB market and we want to see everyone succeed.  And if afterwards you like how we do things and want to have a further conversation, we are here.

Vulnerability Scan

What is included?

Network Equipment Scan

We scan all of the devices on your network and give you a comprehensive list as well as their current vulnerabilities. We even find devices you may not know were connected on your network.

Computer Vulnerability Listing

We search all your computers for current vulnerabilities, from missing patches to open firewall ports. Get a comprehensive list of all your devices and the unknown risks you may be facing.

External IP Scan

We scan your external IP as well as your firewall to see what issues hackers may be able to exploit on your external network.

Documentation and Reporting

We provide a full report of what we find that you get to keep at no charge. This report can be used to remediate your issues and protect your company.

2DD is truly fantastic! They’re always quick to resolve any issues that arise throughout the day and have gone above and beyond to help our staff. They’ve got a great team of skillful, knowledgeable individuals who are all so nice. Everyone at 2DD that we’ve worked with takes the time to explain things throughly without talking down to anyone and that’s an understated skill we all appreciate

- Gail Langley - Exam Resources

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