Security Training

Security Training

Cybersecurity is hard

Stay Calm and train your staff


How IT Works


Select A Timeframe

We offer numerous custom timeframes for the security training. Most of our courses take less than 7 minutes and we recommend training at least once a month.


Sign-up Your Staff

Select which staff members that you would like to undergo training, and they receive their training automatically. We provide monthly reports on their training status.


Training is Delivered

We will email each user with a training course and give them a timeframe to finish it. Each user will continue to get reminders until they complete their training.

Phishing Email Training

Empower Your Employees

Give them the Tools for success

Along with our video training, we provide phishing simulations to your employees. These training emails are sent on a varied schedule to all employees and allow employees to learn what a genuine phishing email looks like. We provide a monthly report to management notating how many emails we sent and how many employees clicked on them. This report allows management to identify employees who may need more personalized training to keep themselves and the company safe. 

Security Training

Training Topics

Here are just some of our Training Courses

These and so many more…

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