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We provide a wide range of services, including remote and onsite support, networking, wireless, disaster mitagation and website design. We always work closely with our clients to server their best interests..

Hardware Acquistion & Installation

What do you need?

In today’s fast moving business environment, staying up to date with the latest tech can give even the most seasoned pros nightmares.  SSD vs. HDD?  AMD vs. Intel?  Layer 2 or Layer 3 Switch?  What exactly is a Northbridge chipset?  Who has time to learn all of this with everything else on your plate?

We do.  The friendly staff at 2 Dog Digital has decades of experience finding, acquiring and assembling the right hardware for your needs.  Need a new desktop/laptop?  Wireless network?  Active Directory Server?  Replacement switch or router for your network?  Each job is important to us as it represents your business.  All of our engineers are salary based and receive no commissions.  This is why you can be sure that you are being recommended the right part for the job, not what is the best for their wallets.  We also search for the best price and value for our customers, as every penny counts.  And whether you buy from us or another vendor, know that our expert staff is ready to provide a quality install.

When do I know I need new hardware?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked daily.

If hardware is what makes the computer go fast, then software is what slows it down.  Are you finding that your time is taken up waiting for programs to load?  Is your Internet not as fast as it used to be?  Is your hard drive running out of space?  How do you know if your processor is good enough or if you have enough memory.  A skilled professional can take a look at your computer and know pretty quickly what is slowing it down.  Maybe your computer is fine and the number of users is too much for your network.  With so many variables in the mix, a quick call to us can get you a free consult and tell you what may be wrong.


Reading computer manuals without the hardware is as frustrating as reading sex manuals without the software.” – Arthur C. Clarke, Author