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We provide a wide range of services, including remote and onsite support, networking, wireless, disaster mitagation and website design. We always work closely with our clients to server their best interests..

Website Design and Hosting

Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

Everywhere you look today, someone is offering you a website or the #1 space on Google for your business.  Talk to them and one of the first questions out of their mouth is “and what kind of business do you have”?  These business make money but creating a cookie-cutter website and rolling it out to perspective clients hundreds of times over.  Volume is their business.  You pay your $3000, get a 6 page website and  then anytime you want to change a word, it is another $400 and two hours of labor.

We take a different approach.  We learn what your business is, who your customers are and what do you want from your website.  Are you selling a product?  Providing information?  Just a single page for hours and location?  As each business is unique, so should be your web presence.  We don’t front-load your bill but rather work for a monthly retainer and continue to provide quality service and data about how effective your site has been.  We build long-term partnerships with our customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google is King.  We can all agree with that.  The latest numbers tell us that Google is the primary search engine used in almost 93% of searches.  How important is the first page?  It is estimated that 90% of users never go past the first page and 65% of users find what they are looking for in the first 5 results.  How about those paid advertisements at the top?  They receive about 10% of the clicks on a page.  So 90% of all search results are going to the organic sites on Google.  What is an organic search result?  a search result that is earned and not paid for.  Many companies promise the top spot but fail to deliver.  They try to trick the system and while it may work for a short time, Google is constantly changing the rules to combat these tricks and will penalize companies using them.  We concentrate on optimizing all of our sites organically to get you up the rankings and keep you there.

Social Media

What is your company’s social media policy?  Do you have a Facebook page?  Twitter account?  LinkedIn?  If not, you may be hurting yourself.  Keep your customers informed…let them show their loyalty for your brand and reward your hard work.  Ask us how we can help you turn a good social media strategy into a long-term growth strategy for your company.




Create a website that expresses something about who you are that won’t fit into the template available to you on a social networking site.” – Jaron Lanier, Computer Scientist